Bottom Line

The Bottom Line

We could talk at length about my philosophy, but I’ll sum it up.

I believe we are all extremely powerful, creative and wise.

We are also wildly free.

Most people crave being able to own that, but the stresses and pressures of life hypnotize us into believing that we can’t have what we want or we don’t have what it takes.  So we lose sight of our path – of who we truly are – and we build a life that leaves us feeling unsatisfied, off-track and unable to make a real difference in the world.

I developed Principles of Alignment that universally get people grounded in who they are and why they’re here so they can tap into all their creativity, transform any obstacle and do mind-blowing work in the world.

Imagine what this world would be like if everyone knew what they were really made of and didn’t hold back?  I guarantee the biggest problems we face right now would be solved.

I’m particularly moved by working with leaders who are charged with inspiring others.  Leaders who are out of alignment will never be effective.

But we take it beyond just becoming effective.  I get to witness the massive ripple effect they can have on their teams, organizations and families when they start really tapping in to what they’ve got.

That’s what I live for.


Here’s a list of some of my influences to give you an idea of where many of my tools come from.  It’s hard to put me in a box.

But it’s safe to say that I’m a Board Certified Results Coach and Entrepreneur who is extremely passionate about helping people become alchemists.

  • Neuro Linguistic Programming gives me the tools to radically transform old habits and neural pathways – quickly.
  • Training with Tony Robbins gave me the skills to guarantee results.
  • As a Strategic Interventionist I can teach people how to solve any problem at work and at home.
  • As a Partner of PAX Programs I show people how they can bring out the best in anyone.
  • Trained by PartnershipWorks, I am helping leaders understand what it takes to lead in a new era.
  • Top that off with some incredibly freeing and life-enhancing philosophy gained from years of studying with spiritual teachers and you get a whole lot of happy, wildly successful people.

I was born to do this work.

I hope this gives you more insight and I’d be thrilled to do a session with you to give you more.