Cherie Healey
  • Board Certified Results Coach 100%
  • Strategic Interventionist 100%
  • Personal Brand Developer 100%
  • NLP Health & Fitness Practitioner 100%
  • 20 Years working with Corporate Leaders 100%

Cherie Healey

Master Obstacle Remover & Game Changer

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Cherie Healey advises the busy people who are changing the world.  She gives to the givers – removing the obstacles from their path and teaching them the skills they need to lead in a new era.  Technology, Globalization and a world of Abundance have literally changed the playing field.  As leaders, we need to dive deep and tap in to places that no 360 review or S.M.A.R.T goal will allow.

The innovation and change that is now possible is breathtaking.  And what is required is that we engage in a whole new game.  Cherie works with the people who know they have been called, who are hungry to give more, do more and be more.  They are Solopreneurs, Entrepreneurs and Leaders in Technology, Entertainment and Nonprofit organizations.  They are seekers.  And they are rule breakers.

Cherie is a charismatic leader known to bring organizations together, rallying great change and innovation.  She is an Entrepreneur, Board Certified Results Coach and Business Owner who is deeply committed to reminding people what they’re made of so they can make a profound difference in the world.  She brings 20 years of corporate experience, countless credentials and a rare ability to bring out the best in others.  She is a master of communication and relationships and is supremely interested in the ripple effect that truly authentic leaders have on others.

As an Advisor she brings a fresh and powerful hybrid approach playing Coach, Mentor and Consultant as needed.  The process is extremely individualized and responsive to the ever-changing needs of the client and the organization.  Simply put, she gets leaders into alignment within, so they can lead with power and authenticity.  Then she gives them the skills for a New Era.  The results are mind-blowing.

Until that which you think, speak, feel and act are a single unit, you have no effectiveness or power in the world.  Period.  It’s crucial that leaders know who they are, walk their talk and decisively act – so they can inspire and influence at the level that is now required. They need to become the leaders they would want to follow NOW.

Her clients work for organizations such as:  Apple, Fox Broadcasting, IBM, JP Morgan, and more. Many of them are Creatives, Producers, Authors and Speakers.  The rest are Entrepreneurs starting and running the organizations that are shattering the old paradigms.


Be a game changer.