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”Cherie Healey is quite possibly the best investment you could ever make.”


- Jill Hudson, Vice President Publicity @ Fox Broadcasting

“Cherie is like my higher Self and reminds me of who I am.”


- Jon Ritt, Partner @ Big Sea

Working with Cherie has been game changing for me. She has a knack of knowing exactly what you really need – behind what you think you need.  She cuts to the quick so you can move forward and get results you desire.


- Katharine Dever, Business Mentor & Speaker

Cherie is one of those people who really knows the difference between living fully and merely existing.  She not only talks the talk, but she walks the walk.


- Gina Grover, Vice President, JP Morgan

I was re-launching my own company and feeling stuck and overwhelmed with the challenge.  Then Cherie worked her magic. She helped me transform my angst into excitement and showed me tricks for believing that I can put myself out there and be a big hit.


- Founder of hot new production company

Cherie helped me get my personal life in order which spawned the opening of my own law practice.  She changed the way I think and how I analyze my place in this world – both personally and professionally.


- Eric Clayman, Esq

Cherie empowers leaders with real tools that really work.  She has a fantastic grasp on what we struggle with and how to breakthrough to live our highest potential.


- Chandra Lynn, Principal of Glow Marketing

There is no guilt, no regrets, no looking back, and no bullshit.  Cherie is always focused on moving forward.  I have grown more in relationship skills in the last year than I did over many, many years with prior coaches.


- Karl Chicca, Founder of Life is Good Racing

Cherie challenges me to align my professional goals with my personal values. Ultimately Cherie’s guidance and support has helped me develop the certainty to pursue choices that are best for my career, my family and myself.


- Jill Melchionda, General Manager at April Six

Cherie helped me stop living a life defined by others and achieve the life I really want.


- Conrad Sherby, Entrepreneur

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Cherie Healey

Cherie Healey

Master Obstacle Remover & Game Changer

  • Board Certified Results Coach 100%
  • Strategic Interventionist 100%
  • Personal Brand Developer 100%
  • NLP Health & Fitness Practitioner 100%
  • 20 Years working with Corporate Leaders 100%